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Meet our team of 3 dedicated Veterinarians of Dr. Eric's Animal's Clinic, its a small tight team so  you are ensured that you will see your family vet you are most used to, We also have a team of knowledgeable and qualified nurses that can answer animal queries you may have.   We're pleased to proved exceptional care for your beloved pets!

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Dr Ricky Yuen is graduate from University of Sydney, Australia (BVSc). As a child, she has always loved animals and was determined to become a veterinarian since. She began doing volunteer work at SPCA during her free time in high school. This has made her more determined in pursuing her dream in saving and treating helpless animals. She started working in Hong Kong shortly after her graduation and has gained many experiences on feline and canine surgical and internal medicinal cases over the years before settling in Dr Eric's Animal Clinic. She also loves bonding with her clients as well as her lovely furry patients and cherishes the relationship deeply.

She has recently taken part of a life-changing role of being a mother. Raising a newborn baby is a challenge but fortunately her medical background has saved her from many hectic moments. Her upcoming wish is that her 2 year-old, DSH, Siu Wan would love her baby as much as she loves her and be life-long companions for each other.

She is looking forward in welcoming her fourth year in working at Dr Eric's and  hoping she can help each and everyone of you and your lovely pets



她非常期待即將在Dr Eric's 工作的第四年並希望能夠幫助到每位有需要的毛孩。

Dr Tommy Theng was born and raised in Hong Kong. Since graduating from the University of Sydney, he returned to Hong Kong and started practicing at a small animal hospital in the New Territories before settling in Dr Eric’s Animal Clinics in 2018. He has just completed a small animal acupuncture course and is currently undertaking masters in veterinary medicine and surgery.

Tommy enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, but remains highly interested in surgery. He intends to pursue more in the relevant fields in the near future.Whilst not at work, Tommy loves travelling, volunteering, squash, cycling and swimming. He is an avid cinema goer as he enjoys a wide range of movies. He is a foodie and also a talented chef as he loves cooking different cuisines.

He enjoys the company of his family, friends, his extremely naughty 1 year old beagle ‘Teddy’ and a cute little hedgehog called ‘ball ball’.

程醫生是土生土長的香港人,於澳洲悉尼大學獸醫學系畢業後便回港執業。他在新界一所小動物診所行醫,然後在2018年加入了Dr Eric’s Animal Clinic。


工餘時間,程醫生喜愛旅遊,做義工,打壁球,踏單車及游泳。他很享受在電影院看電影的滋味。他喜歡品嘗各國美食,亦是一位烹飪愛好者。他享受與家人及朋友的陪伴,以及他的一歲搗蛋比高太 teddy 和波波, 一隻可愛的小刺蝟。

Dr. Eric graduated from The University of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia with a BVSc.  Before which he has had a varied working experience, he is a qualified system network engineer, having worked at Victorian Barracks in Melbourne for the Australian Army. He is a qualified Card Dealer, having worked 2 years at Crown Casino in Melbourne as a blackjack dealer. He was a well known bartender in Melbourne’s famous Chapel Street.  He is also a professional photographer having curated an art gallery in Central.

During his veterianry study, he saw practise with Dr. Hugh Wirth, RSPCA Australian Chairman & Radio Presenter for over 20 years, Dr. Ray Furgerson, Orthopedic Surgeon & Greyhound and Victorian Police Dog Veterinarian and IDEXX Veterianry Laboratories.

After graduating from Melbourne University he has practise at the RSPCA in Victoria, Australia, then emmigrated back to Hong Kong where he was originally born and worked almost 5 years for animal welfare at the SPCA in Wanchai. He has developed a special relation with Hong Kong’s media with his approachable style. For 2 years he has been a radio presenter for RTHK 2 enlightening the Hong Kong public about animal issues. He has continue to appear in Hong Kong’s many media forms to inform the Hong Kong public about issues from Animal Welfare, Wildlife Conservation, Food Safety to Animal Grooming.  Dr. Eric also appeared weekly on the Children's Education Show Afterschool educating children about animal care and also a weekly column in Friday's South China Morning Post about society, science, the envirnoment and animals.  He is also a consultation for the Hong Kong Consumer Council on animal related matters.

You can find Dr. Eric's Articles here:  http://www.scmp.com/author/eric-lai‍‍‍

Dr. Eric is the proud owner of 27 dogs & 53 cats, 4 birds, 6 hamster, 6 guinea pigs, 1 rabbit and many fishes, most of which were adopted or saved from sad situations. His only pet that isn’t adopted is his Afgan Hound, Champion Satang Nevada Gold, is a 4 times consequetive Best of Hound Group in Hong Kong & a Hong Kong and Australian Champion. He has won Best of Show in Australia multiple times. Surprisingly his most famous pet isn’t Nevada at all, but a little pomeranian name“YY” she has 3 legs, a massive heart murmur, no teeth but a load of personality, she was 18 years old when she past away.

Dr. Eric in his life has had 27 beloved dogs (17 of which were pomeranians, 1 Terrier Cross, 1 Australian silky terrier, 1 St. Bernard, 2 Afgan Hound, 3 Shih Tze, 1 Longhair chihuahua, 1 Boizoi, 53 cats, 4 rabbits, 8 guinea pigs, 1 Chinchilla, 7 Hamsters, 2 Chickens, 1 cockatiel, 2 african grey parrots and countless number of fishes. He used to be an avid breeder of African Chiclids (A type of‍‍‍ fish from the great lakes of Africa).


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